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Echoing Richard Rorty's earlier Consequences of Pragmatism, this collection begins with an essay on “Phenomenology in America:
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This book delivers a highly rigorous and yet profoundly clear reading of the question of the continuity of consciousness in phenomenological thinking, particularly that of Husserl. Bassiri's arguments are new and important, as the question of consciousness remains perhaps the most popular enigma that concerns not only Continental and Phenomenological philosophers, but Anglo-American Analytics as well.

I see this book making a highly significant contribution to Husserl studies and phenomenology, but also to the philosophy of consciousness in general. Bassiri does an excellent job of bringing into descriptive and analytic focus a variety of marginal and liminal phenomena, such as dreamless sleep, and draws from them provocative conclusions regarding the nature of subjectivity.

The Phenomenology of Lived Experience

Rigorous, lucid, and insightful, this book makes an important contribution to contemporary Husserl scholarship. On the basis of a thorough understanding of Husserl, he deals with a topic that has been strangely neglected in the phenomenological literature, even by Husserl himself. Phenomenology has emphasized continuity and the unity of consciousness.

What is feminist phenomenology?

Bassiri reminds us that it also comprises discontinuity, breaks, interruptions. He explores the implications of these phenomena for our understanding of experience and personal identity. Will you attend this event? Yes No Maybe Let us know so we can notify you of any change of plan.

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March 8, - March 9, Daniel Dahlstrom. Boston University.

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