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Moods of Future Joys: Around the World by Bike - Part 1 eBook: Alastair Book 1 of 2 in Around the World by Bike (2 Book Series) . --Sir Ranulph Fiennes.
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I found Humphreys to be very open minded and respectful to his surroundings and the people he encountered. Anyway, well done Alastair. Dec 28, DropOfOcean rated it liked it Shelves: own. I liked both books of Alastair's cycling around the world but perhaps I had even higher expectations after reading couple of his other books beforehand.

It must be extremely tough to summarize such a trip into two books, what to include in and what to leave out. Anyway mad respect for Alastair for completeting such a challenge! Aug 05, Bennett Reiss rated it it was amazing. Read this book. It was truly an amazing journey. No other words are necessary. I finished reading this book and I'm already excited to read part two.

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This man biked around the world in this first book is his journey through Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I can't wait to read about his journey through the rest of the world. The first third or so of his trip through Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Wonderful to watch his anxiety slowly fall away and to fall in love what he's doing for itself rather than just as an escape from home. May we all be this brave. Awesome adventure An awesome adventure portrayed with honesty, humour and perceptiveness. Jul 15, Peter Allinson rated it it was amazing. Emotional and inspirational read. One of the first books I have read as an adult. Part 1 of an epic round the world cycle. I should like this book but gunder it really hard to read hence the low score. Jul 07, Caroline Stenhouse rated it it was amazing. Great read.

Full of warmth and humour.

Moods of Future Joys - Alastair Humphreys

It shares the highs and lows of solo travel. But be warned, it will make you daydream of escaping it all in search of adventure.

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Looking forward to part 2. Jan 04, Jeroen Van de Crommenacker rated it really liked it. The first in the two-part series on his global round-trip. It really feels like if you are there yourself. Armchair travelling of the first order! Another inspirational and honest book from one of my favourite authors. Jun 11, David W.


Berner rated it it was amazing. Enjoyable read. Humphreys is an adventurer, yes, but with the heart of a poet. Mar 14, Kevin Grigg rated it really liked it. Really enjoyed this book, an honest and inspiring account of an incredible achievement. May 07, mark watkin rated it it was amazing. Thoroughly entertaining. I particularly enjoyed learning about the differences between each area of Africa. Ethiopia is not somewhere I want to go to! At the age of 24, Alastair decides his life in England isn't enough.

He leaves a decent job, a loving family and girlfriend and his comfort zone to take on a hugely ambitious journey - to cycle around the world. He leaves his home county of Yorkshire in the summer of and sets off across the European continent. He turns right and heads down through the Arabian penin At the age of 24, Alastair decides his life in England isn't enough.

He turns right and heads down through the Arabian peninsula and into North Africa. Moods of Future Joys, as the rest of the title suggests, is simply the first leg of his mammoth undertaking. Alastair Humphreys is quickly becoming an idol for me. His writing, sense of adventure, stoicism to ride as self-sufficiently as possible and his general thoughts on life in the UK and Africa are all things I aspire to.

Many of his innermost thoughts leak through the pages of this book and I found it surprisingly easy to relate to them. Having a travelled and adventured a little but very little in comparison to Alastair , I empathised with his sense of disillusionment with the Western world and his need to get out there and experience life. Like many others of my 21st century post-globalisation western world peers, I have an itch that is almost impossible to scratch.

Alastair's attitude towards his ride, the reasons for doing it and his descriptions of life on the road encapsulates what I think travel and, I suppose, life more generally, should be about. I really enjoyed the author's use of quotations and references to other literature. His revelations on how it felt to journey through Africa and the different attitudes and nature of the people he met there were particularly insightful.

He has a writing style which flows easily and naturally and it makes for a gripping read. I liked his comment towards the end of the book that he would use the time on the ride to try to condense his feelings on a particular place or country into a few sentences. Of particular interest for me were his sentiments on aid that has been given to countries such as Ethiopia.

Moods of the future joys by alastair humphreys (book)

Alastair commented that the villages he cycled through and was pestered for money, was subject to stone throwing and was treated with hostility had a direct positive correlation with those villages that had received aid. A definite sense of giving a man a fish rather than teaching him how to fish. Africa is a conundrum. If this book doesn't inspire adventure, I don't know what will. I'm off to order the next book.

Mar 14, Mark Glover rated it it was amazing. Alistair Humpreys book is one for the everyday adventurer, setting off underprepared, overwhelmed and unsure of his ability we follow Humprey's as he slowly adapts to a journey he had dreamt up but perhaps not thought through. I really enjoyed this book because of the honesty Humphreys displays in his writing, to start with he was no true adventurer and he admits as much, he lets us into the sense of overwhelming fear that must in stalk every journey of its ilk. While his language is not overly Alistair Humpreys book is one for the everyday adventurer, setting off underprepared, overwhelmed and unsure of his ability we follow Humprey's as he slowly adapts to a journey he had dreamt up but perhaps not thought through.

While his language is not overly descriptive, there is a real warmth that comes through in his writing and you get a sense of his journey through his daily interractions.

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He is also not afraid to focus on the hardships and realities of the journey, this is not a highly funded journey, but as basic a journey as you can undertake. Indeed he admits that for a large portion of the time his circumstances barely outdid that of the people that surrounded him most of the way. If their were a criticism to be made you could say that at times he doesn't engage with others on his journey much but I think that this is in someways forgivable as he views thier lives at ground level.

Unlike a lot of travel writers, he also doesn't give broad assesment's on what he sees, which in its own way is refreshing as it makes for less of an imperialistic view of the landscape. He doesn't glamorise the journey but instead shows us the harshness of the everyday while at the same time acknowledging his good fortune in undertaking this journey. Read a review in The Guardian. Shouting from my shed Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter. Email Sign Up.

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