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These passwords can be obtained by completing the logic puzzles that the Mad Professor left in the maze. Players need to escape the maze before the timer runs out. Sometimes Louis will find small pieces of Super Cheese at various places in the maze that will extend the timer. The puzzles in the standard game focus on math and logic. In this prototype version, there are two types of puzzles in the game, Water Bucket puzzles and Math Block puzzles.

Also outlined in this section are two types of puzzles to be added to the complete game, Math Pegs and Belts Math puzzles.

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In Water Bucket puzzles, players are given a target amount of water to pour into a funnel from a faucet using two or more buckets. The buckets hold various volumes, but to get the required volume of water into the funnel players must pour water between buckets to measure out the desired amount.

The Water Bucket puzzles require the player to see math that is not obvious to them when they first attempt the puzzle. While at first the task seems simple, the player must not only think about the amount of water the buckets can hold, but also how much water one can obtain by mixing the buckets. This prototype only features puzzles with two water buckets, but the full game would include puzzles that have three or four buckets available.

Math Block puzzles present the player with four or more math problems that must be solved simultaneously. To solve the problems, players take number blocks and drop them into the equations in order to solve the math problems correctly.

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The math problems overlap so that placing one number block in one problem will also influence the math of another problem. Although a very different puzzle than the Water Buckets, this puzzle requires much of the same type of thinking. Math Blocks requires players to think about a larger math problem or multiple math problems at the same time. Both games require users to think multiple moves ahead to make decisions that will solve the problem.

This prototype only features puzzles that use four number blocks and all of the math problems are based on addition. The full game would feature problems with nine and sixteen number blocks as well as subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Logic Mazes

At first, Math Pegs appear to be very similar to Math Block puzzles. The puzzle is presented with a grid of spaces for numbers that when combined mathematically vertically and horizontally usually by addition result in the numbers that sit at the edge of the grid.

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See Fig. There are a few key differences, however, that make Math Pegs a very different problem. First, the size of Math Pegs is much larger--the smallest version of the puzzle would have at least four columns and rows. Secondly, the pegs are not filled in by dragging and dropping numbers already provided, but by the player typing in numbers.

[CV050] Number Maze

The tricky part of Math Pegs is that there are different shaped pegs for a player to write a number in, such as triangle pegs, square pegs, and round pegs. Whenever a player types a number into a peg of a certain type, all pegs of that type are assigned that number. For example, if there is a round peg in the top left corner and the player types seven into that peg, all round pegs in the puzzle will be seven. Math Pegs draws on the same problem solving skills that other puzzles in Mind Bending Puzzles test.

Players are challenged to not only solve math problems in different directions, but also to realize that adding a number in one spot will effect problems in other rows. This puzzle presents the player with four or more simple math equations, each one listed on top of the other. The equations as listed are incorrect. Players can rotate the belts of numbers to the left side of the equal sign to rotate the numbers in each column up and down until the equations are correct.

This puzzle continues the theme of math puzzles that require players to be aware of multiple problems at once. This skill is being built and tested in yet another way in the Belts Math puzzle. In this version of the game, users begin the game by having the option of opening two doors from any given room.

Dot the Number Mazes

If a user exceeds the number of allowed guesses or the allotted time for a puzzle, they will only have one option of a room to go into. If they get another question wrong, then they receive a game over, and must begin the puzzle again. If the player can make it to the end of the Mad Professor's Maze before the timer runs out on two puzzles, Louis will find all the Super Cheese he will ever need to stay smart! Mind Bending Puzzles also features the ability for players to create their own puzzles in Scratch and import them into a custom game.

These player created puzzles will be used as the challenges that Louis faces as he makes his way through the Mad Professor's Maze. Players can also use the Custom Games feature to import any other Scratch project into the maze as a challenge. They are spectacular to look at. The second type of mazes are counting mazes. Kids have to count by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, or 5s to complete those mazes. Bunny Maze : Help Easter bunny through the maze to find the his eggs. The printable word scrambles for kids are 4 per page and each page is based on a theme. Each word scramble puzzle has a total of 5 words to solve.

To solve the puzzles you have to unjumble the letters to form the words that match the puzzle's theme. Our word searches for kids are another very popular activity on this site. Most of the word searches are 15x15 and have about 20 words to find, or 10x10 with up to 15 words. Once all the words are found, the uncircled letters of the word search contain a message related to the topic of the word search.

The newest 10x10 word search puzzles are Easter words and Easter Treats, 2 10x10 puzzles. Our tracing worksheets include alphabet letters tracing, number tracing, shape tracing, and name tracing worksheets. They are a wonderful way for kids to improve their dexterity with a pencil or crayon and helps teach number and letter recognition.

source site Alphabet Letters Dot-to-Dots : Dot to dots of both uppercase and lowercase letters Easter Egg : Trace over the light grey lines of the egg and then color it in. Falling Easter Eggs : Trace the Easter eggs that are falling out of the basket. Our paper games are perfect printables for kids on a trip or a rainy day.

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We have tic tac toe pages, printable hangman pages, car bingo pages, and connect 5. Try a selection of the paper games when you're on the go.

They're a nice break from electronic games. When you color the numbered shapes with the right colors, then a picture emerges. We have two types of printable certificates. We have certificates of appreciation and award certificates for kids. The free printable calendars are available monthly in a number of different accent colors and either landscape or portrait format. However, landscape format is probably the easier style for writing on. There are also weekly planner pages which just have 1 week and plenty of writing space per page. The crossword puzzles for kids that we currently have available are geared more to older kids.

They are small compared to standard crosswords and fairly easy clues, but they aren't meant for young school aged kids.


We'll let you know when those puzzles become available. These worksheets for kids, word puzzles, mazes, and all the other printables for kids are completely without cost to you. They are great to keep on hand for kids to do in the car while travelling or for working on while waiting for a meal at a restaurant.

They can even be included as loot bag stuffers for a birthday party.