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Sanctions in the CalWORKS program / Jacob Alex Klerman, P. Jane McClure welfare program, the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids.
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You can get support services for Welfare-to-Work meetings and appointments. This includes orientation, appraisal, assessment, job club, good cause meetings, and so on. You do not need to have a signed Welfare-to-Work plan to get support services for these pre-plan appointments. You should receive services you need to be successful in your Welfare-to-Work plan.

CalWORKs Sanction Policies in Four Counties: Practices, Attitudes, and Knowledge

The plan should list your support services. Think of what you will need to do your plan, and ask for it. When you are a volunteer, the county should still work with you to create a signed Welfare-to-Work plan.

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  7. Partial Sanctions Have Not Led To Smaller Caseload Declines.

The county should give you support services to help you complete your volunteer plan. Many counties have some support services for recipients and former recipients who are working. Ask to see your county post-employment services policy. After you stop receiving cash aid, you are usually eligible for two years of child care.

The state avoided a penalty only because there was an increase in CalWORKs clients who engaged in work between Fiscal Year - It's uncertain if the federal government will continue to make exceptions if the state's overall work participation rate remains well below the required minimum.


It expects an increase of 15 percent in Fiscal Year to 1. The TANF program is up for reauthorization in , and discussions are already beginning on how and in what ways the program might be restructured.

It's a debate that welfare-to-work policy experts and social services professionals will monitor during the next few years. Join Now Login Search form Search.

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Welfare Policy Research Project

We recently completed a research project which involved in-depth interviews with over 30 families impacted by CalWORKS and focus meetings with state-level advocates assisting families in need see attached report. Routine, Illegal, and Unjust Use of Sanctions.

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  • Families were sanctioned for a wide variety of reasons, including not being able to speak English and refusing to drop out of college. In addition, CalWORKs participants reported the loss of their documents by welfare offices and personnel, in part because offices are short-staffed, as a primary reason for being sanctioned. Program participants also reported difficulties in reaching their caseworkers, which resulted in protracted sanctions of weeks or often times months. Miscalculation of Legitimate Exemptions.