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Double action thrillers by the classic adventure writer set in New Zealand and the Pacific. THE SNOW TIGER. Fifty-four people died in the avalanche that ripped.
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As soon as McGill arrives in Huka he is extremely worried by several things and feels that the town is in imminent danger of being destroyed by an avalanche. However both the mine management who distrust Ian due to his age and the town council which is controlled by the Peterson brothers and they too distrust Ian refuse to believe anything that Ian and McGill tell them about the danger from an avalanche.

In spite of this, McGill takes samples of snow from the nearby mountain slopes and concludes that the danger is very real and imminent. As soon as he tries to convey this to the outside New Zealand authorities in Christchurch the town is cut off from the outside when the only road into the town is blocked by snow at the Gap and the electricity and telephone wires are cut off by a relatively minor avalanche. After witnessing these events John and Eric Peterson begin to believe what McGill told them and start to mobilise the town resources to prepare for an avalanche.

While the whole town is making preparations the avalanche hits them and some 54 people die as a result.

The snow tiger and Night of error / Desmond Bagley.

During the government inquiry some surprising evidence is presented which shows that Charlie Peterson had actually deliberately started the avalanche by skiing very aggressively at the top of the mountain slopes. His motive was to destroy the gold mine and exact revenge on Ian. He is immediately arrested and faces charges for the deaths of several people including his brother John in the avalanche.

Also, during the hearings in December Ian receives the news that his grandfather Ben had died and had effectively left the control of Ballard Holdings in Ian's hand which makes him a very powerful person. Also, he had been romantically linked to Liz Peterson sister of the Petersons and marries her at the end, once she learns of Charlie's behaviour.

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Desmond Bagley. Desmond Bagley was a British journalist and novelist principally known for a series of best-selling thrillers. Along with fellow British writers such as Hammond Innes and Alistair MacLean, Bagley established the basic conventions of the genre: a tough, resourceful, but essentially ordinary hero pitted against villains determined to sow destruction and chaos in order to advance their agenda.


He was born in in Kendal and brought up in Blackpool, beginning his working life, aged 14, in the printing industry. After working in an aircraft factory during the Second World War, he decided to travel, working his way through Europe and southern Africa, and in joined the gold mining industry before becoming a freelance journalist in Johannesburg, where he wrote his first novel, The Golden Keel, in In he returned to England, finally settling in Guernsey with his wife, where he died in